Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016




This week was the closest we could get to the longest day of the year so the committee thought that a WHITE DRESS theme would be appropriate for the warm weather.
Sadly it didn't work out like that as it was a fairly cold dull day, but even so, we did get a few white outfits and here they are. I still really like the white suit that I first had made over 20 years ago when I was quite a bit slimmer than I am now. Eventually I had to have it remade as I can no longer get into the original.
I first saw this outfit being modeled by Naomi Campbell's mother in a picture in the daily mail. I very quickly rang Judy Hardman, who was the dressmaker for many of the girls at the club and she saw it in the paper as well and agreed to make me a copy.
It really was a work of art and this new one, made by Lorraine of Hide & Sleek in Scotland, is just as good.





Sarah & Judith




Sonia, Pauline & Mel

Mel, shown on the left with Sonia and Pauline has been a loyal member of Manchester Cocord since we started in 2008. Since she first came she has transitioned and is now happily married and has been working in Cyprus for a few years. She recently returned to the UK and we had the pleasure of a visit this evening. Welcome back Mel, I hope you continue to enjoy your new life back here in England.
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