Wednesday the 22nd of July 2015

Amy & Amy

Amy, on the left of the picture, came out over Sparkle for the first time, feeling a bit unsure of herself. She was being taken round later on the saturday afternoon by Hannah when they met the other Amy in the picture in one of the bars. The two of them hit it off and apparently spent the rest of the day together getting to know each other.
They have now both joined Concord and we hope to see more of them in the future.
Sarah, in the middle of the picture on the right met Amy on the left, here at the club, two weeks ago and came along again this evening to meet up again.
This seems to have encouraged Sarah to start socializing again as she told me that she has not been out much in recent years. So I hope this continues.

Lisa, Sarah & Lynn


Kristina, Cate & Karen



The fine weather does seem to have brought out a number of Summer dresses but in practice it was rather cold this evening, so I hope some of these girls were warm enough.


Lynn, Heather & Judith





Iris & Clarissa

Towards the end of the evening the two girls on the left, Iris and Clarissa, came in.
Clarissa is part of a part time band called CDUK which stands for Cross Dressers UK and they had a spot on the stage at Sparkle on the Saturday afternoon.
They came in this evening with some cds to sell which they had hoped to have available at Sparkle so they could sell them to people after they had heard them perform on the stage. Unfortunately the production and delivery of these cds was delayed and they have only just managed to get hold of them now.
They left me with half a dozen copies so if anyone is interested I will have them available at the club. The CD is called THE GIRLS ARE HERE.

Next week we will have Datsa with us doing a make up demo and selling her products.

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