Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015


Beckie Cannon




This evening we had arranged for Beckie Cannon, the new Chairperson of the SPARKLE Trustees to come along and give an introduction to SPARKLE 2015. Beckie was one of the original instigators of SPARKLE when it started 10 years ago but left the organisation a few years ago for personal reasons. In 2014 Bella Jay decided to give up the running of this event after being involved for 10 years and it was decided to ask various people from the Manchester area to take over the running and become trustees of the new SPARKLE. As Beckie had recently moved up to Manchester from the London area she was asked by Bella if she would be willing to become the Chairperson of these trustees. She agreed to take on this role and now leads the team of 6 other trustees who have now agreed to help run the event. For the full list of these trustees and details of SPARKLE 2015 please see the SPARKLE website at
Beckie gave an invigorating and interesting run through of what SPARKLE is all about. It will include all the elements that have been in previous SPARKLE's plus it will now run for a full 2 days in SACKVILLE Park and will be surrounded by various other events called the SPARKLE FRINGE which will take place in Manchester from wednesday the 8th of July to wednesday the 15th of July. Included in this will be a musical evening here at Concord on the 8th and an open mike night to finish things off on the 15th.
The trustees need as many volunteers as possible to assist with running the event so it is hoped that many of our members will offer at least some of their time to be available on the saturday or sunday. An hour or two from each of you would be a great help as there are many different tasks that need to be looked after and we are dedicated to keeping the main event free.
Please let any of us know if you are willing to volunteer. You can also do this by filling in a form available on the SPARKLE website.



Beckie and Friends

Beckie, may look very serious in the picture above, but as you can see here she is full of fun and is an ideal person to take on the leadership role of organising Sparkle.
On the right, Jane, shown with Milli and Paula, is also one of the new trustees as she has been successfully running the Stewards in the park almost since SPARKLE started. I also agreed to be a trustee as I think Manchester Concord should be represented in this group.
The other 4 trustees are Jenny-Anne from Transforum, Karen Richards who is now involved with running the Pride event here in Manchester, Debbie Roberts from Unique and finally Tony, the landlord of Via who is very active in all the social events that take place here in the village. He is already making a big difference to the excitement of the new event.

Jane, Milli & Paula

George and Rose

This evening we also had a visitor from down south called Rose, who came along with her long term friend George. Rose was one of the original members of the trans community here in Manchester and one of the early members of Northern Concord back in 1986. She had written to me saying that she was coming to visit as she was interested to hear about people she knew way back then. They both joined us for our meal at 6pm in Villaggio's and we managed to have a long and interesting coversation about old times before our meeting started.
On the right we have Lois who is a student at Manchester University and she is researching the places in Manchester that are of historical interest to the trans community . She was interested to talk to as many people as possible and stayed the whole evening getting an insight into the trans community.

Lois and Joanna

Irene, Tina & Lynn

Carole, Rachel, Lisa & Heather

Irene, Tina & Mary


We also had a theme evening arranged for FLOWERY dresses and here are the pictures of those people who managed to follow the theme. It is a shame that more people didnt manage it but no matter, those that did looked good.
I should also include Paula, shown above, in a wonderful short flowery dress that looked good on her as can only be expected.


Sarah & Phoebe


Tia-Anna & Ami-Michelle

Hannah and Joanne

I am sorry this blog is a little late this week. Just as I was about to start doing it I had a power cut here at home and one of my computers broke as a result. This has caused me quite a few problems which I have now got over but it has set me back a few days.



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