Wednesday the 21st of October 2015


This evening we started off with an open Community meeting to report on Sparkle 2015, indicate where we are going with Sparkle 2016 and take questions for those attending about anything to do with Sparkle. There were 4 Sparkle trustees present, ie Beckie Fox, the Sparkle Chair who gave the presentation, Tony, Jane and myself.
We had a good crowd taking up most of the space available, consisting of Concord members plus many other local people that had an interest in SPARKLE.
Beckie gave a good presentation going over the Motivations for Sparkle, the finances, the successes of this year and the proposals for expanding the event next year.
2015 was a bigger event than 2014 as it covered 2 full days in the park plus a number of fringe events. It cost more to run than last year but more support was raised by various means and we finished up with around twice the money we had over last year to help run the event next year. As the event gets bigger we are hoping that we will be able to raise sufficient funds to enable us to support other relevant transgender activities. We already cover the full cost of the Transgender Day Of Rememberance (TDOR) that takes place in Sackville park each year. TDOR will take place this year in Sackville Park on Sunday the 22nd of November starting at 5pm.
I failed to get any photos of the meeting as I did not want to distract from the event so the rest of this blog only covers the rest of the evening.


Jane & Rachel

I was delighted to see Helen come in to the club as she has not been for a very long time. She tells me that she has now recently moved into a new house that is very private and she is planning to now get out much more than she has been able to in the past. I hope this is the case as she is an asset to any gathering. As you can see here she very quickly made friends with Rachel and they spent a few hours chatting away for most of the evening.


Ruby, Heather & Joanne


Judith, Mica & Carole

Judith & Heather


Sophie & Joanne

We had a new member join us this evening, Sophie, shown here with Joanne. She came along this evening accompanied by Chantelle who was in male mode so I haven't included a photo of her.
Chantelle was a member for many years but no longer dresses as he was diagnosed with Schitzophrenia several years ago now. He is not afraid to talk about it, which is great, and he spends his time helping and encouraging others with similar problems.
Sophie regards him as a very good friend. I was very impressed with his attitude to life. I hope we see them both again soon.

Next week we are celebrating Halloween so it will be interesting to see if this brings out some of our members who we have not seen recently. I hope so.

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