Wednesday the 20th of May 2015

Paula and Milli



Pink group



As you can see from these pictures we had a pink dress theme for the evening and it seemed quite popular as all the people shown here made the effort.

Below I have also included some individual pictures of people who are also in this group picture.



Judith & Lynn


Denise & Suzanne

Judith in the picture above with Lynn, apologised for not being in pink, but earlier in the day she had given a lecture about the Manchester Ship Canal and she did not think that pink was an appropriate colour for that event.
As it is she went along looking very smart and was well received.
I am planning to be one of the hostesses at the Sparkle wecome event on the friday afternoon and having seen the reaction to my pink dress I think I might wear it that day. I will at least be visible. Maybe the other hostesses should also wear pink.
What do you Think?



Kristina, Vanessa, Sam & Paula



Tina, only manages to get here very rarely but always manages to look elegant. Her hair with the black showing through the blonde is a great idea.
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