Wednesday the 20th of July 2016


This was a very warm evening which we thought might have brought out more people, but sadly not. Even so we had enough to get some good conversations going round the big table.
Fay asked me to take her picture early as she was going to Las Vegas in the morning and couldn't stay till the end.
Nikki on the right was telling me how grateful she was that we are here to give new people the initial start to help get them going on a very enjoyable path. Coming out and meeting others, face to face, is the best way to help build your confidence.


Mary, Nikki & Milli

Vanessa & Frances


Hannah, Nikki, Carole, Nicole, Nikki & Milli

Two people called Nikki here in one evening is relatively unusual, but the most popular name in the club is actually Rachel/Rachael as we have 12 members with that name. It would get very confusing if they all turned up at once.

Next week is actually my birthday, which doesn't happen too often on a wednesday, so I hope a few of you will come along to help me celebrate it. Mary

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