Wednesday the 20th of August 2014

Frances, Millie, Lynn, Tina

This evening we held an "ASIAN DRESS" theme night and I was pleased to see that a number of people managed to find something to fit the occasion.
Pauline and Sonia came along in Chinese dresses and I was delighted when Sonia decided to show me a number of different ways to wear my Sari. I had not realised that there were so many different option. She even explained the reasons why it is worn in different ways but I am afraid that I cannot remember all the individual details.
I have shown a number of different pictures below to illustrate this.

Mary, Frances, Millie, Tina, Genevieve







Pauline and Sonia


Mary, Lynn and Pauline


The picture on the left shows the way I was shown how to wear it in the shop where I bought it, with a bit of bare midriff showing.
The other three pictures below show the variations that Sonia demonstrated.
The one on the left involves holding up the end of the sari, so it is for formal occasions as it is really rather restricting what you can do.
The ones in the middle and on the right need to be pinned up to keep the Sari in place. She tells me that an expert can do it themselves but I am certainly no expert and would need help to get it like these.


Beckie, Pauline and Liz

It was good to see Beckie and Pauline from Transtastic come in with their friend Liz, who is going to be one of the moderators of that fantastic Trans website. They all have my best wishes as I know that there is more work looking after a web site like this than people realise.

Pauline and Liz





Sarah, on the right, came in for the first time this evening, looking very confident and elegant. It was interesting talking to her and she told me that she had a collection of very posh shoes that she wished to dispose of and would we be interested in having a look. So hopefully we will see her again soon with some shoes in hand.
Watch this space.

Tina, Genevieve and Sarah

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