Wednesday the 20th of April 2016

Lynn, Mica, Judith, Laura, Caitlin, Nikki, Carole, Milli, Sally, Mary


This week we had a Black and White theme which proved to be quite popular as can be seen by this picture.

It was great to welcome Laura, in the middle of the picture, who was here for her very first outing looking really good and confident.
It was also good to welcome Sally from Doncaster who had come a long way to take part in the evening.


As you can see here Paula was also in a little black and white number that she picked up a few weeks ago in Primark, as you do.
I took both these pics just because the background in the first one was too light so the second one is better. She didn't appear in the group picture because she had left to go walkabout before it was taken.

Below are a few more of the black and whites for a better view.






Carole, Laura & Judith






Gwen, Bev, Linda, Frances & Marieanne


Dee, above, has been on the scene for longer than myself so it is always nice to see here continuing to support the club when she can.

Early in the evening Frances came into the restaurant at Villaggios where some of us were already eating and said that she was waiting to meet up with Gwen and Linda who she had not seen for some time, but are friends of long standing. Later on I was again agreeably surprised to see Bev come in and she told me that she had arranged to meet up with Marieanne for a meal, so later on it became an evening for remembering days gone by. It was really good to see them all.

Next week will be a normal club evening, but the following week, the 4th of May, we are holding a "STAR WARS" theme evening so we look forward to seeing what people come up with.

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