Wednesday the 1st of October 2014


This was a normal club evening with nothing special laid on but was still very enjoyable as we had quite a mixture of people.
Both Millie and Tina were away on holiday, Millie cruising in the mediteranean and Tina exploring the railways of eastern europe. I hope they were both enjoying themselves.
Meanwhile Linda, ever willing, looked after the door for us and here she is looking very smart.
We had a new member, Ivie, join us last week, who did tell us that she would be able to come along this week but then it might be some time, as she travels around for her job. I am glad to say that she did come and we hope it wont be too long before she manages to make it again.


Rachel and Katie


It was lovely to see Katie back with us again and bringing a new friend with her. Katie used to visit us all the way from Kent but has now moved to Leeds and is very happy living with her new companion, who was not with her tonight.
It is interesting that her friend's name is Rachel as this name is the most used one within the club. We now have 14 registered with us and three of them, shown below, plus Katie's friend were here with us this evening.
Alison, shown with myself, on the right is a rare visitor to the north of England. I believe she was last here at Sparkle, but makes a point of visiting us if she is ever in Manchester. Welcome back Alison.


Mary and Alison










Tina and Milli

Kettel and Blacke

Finally, on the left, we have our two "Ladies" from the past Kettel and Blacke, here in disguise as Frances and Vanessa. After their outings this summer they are already planning further ventures in the future. Watch this space for more details.
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