Wednesday the 1st of July 2015

This evening we had Nicola Mad with us selling her range of Large shoes and boots in sizes 9 - 12.
As you can see she has a great variety of colour and shapes and the shoes I tried on were very comfortable so I recommend them.
I bought a white pair of shoes and I think she sold a number of other pairs of Boots and shoes.
Nicola will be around during Sparkle this coming weekend Having a stall in Churchills on the Friday and Sunday afternoons.

Nicola and her shoes


We had a visitor over from Belgium with us this evening. Whitney , shown here wearing the new pair of boots she bought from Nicola, so she also got something from her visit. She was over here on business so thought she would drop in and introduce herself. She goes to a group in Antwerp once a month so it is good to hear that there are facilities for girls like us in Belgium. We are very much in the dark about what is available in other countries.
We then had Tifanii with us for the first time and she is shown here with me.
We also had a third new girl with us who was out for the very first time so I have not taken a picture as she was not yet ready for that stage of coming out. I am sure we will see her again but she works shifts so cannot come every week. We will include her here when she is ready.

Mary and Tifanii


Debbie & Ann

Mary with new white shoes.

Chloe & Mary

Genevieve has now moved into her new house and settled in so it was good to see her back dressed up rather than as she has been for the last few weeks.
I was delighted to see Debbie and Ann come in looking so well and cheerful, as they have not been for several months. Debbie's was trying out her new blonde wig and I think it suits her well.
Chloe and I went to see the Ladyboys show last week, which was great. She is good company and I am glad she is now back in the swing of things as she has been very tied up over the last few months. Sadly she cant make Sparkle again this year as she has family commitments but that is the way life is and she very much enjoys seeing her young family.
Cate tells me that she is still enjoying her mountaineering even though she has had a new hip fitted and is waiting for another one.



Nikki, Lynn & Hannah

Vanessa & Frances

It was so hot that Paula decided that it had to be very casual wear this evening, so here she is in shorts and flat shoes. It shouldn't be allowed really, but I suppose we have to let her get away with it.
Vanessa and Frances are both looking chipper and are ready to provide the entertainment next week here at the club for the start of the Sparkle Fringe events. Do come along and make it a good crowd.
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