wednesday the 1st of February 2017


We had nothing special arranged for this week, but then two special people came in to be with us for the evening.. Ruth audited our accounts for us for several years and for that I am forever grateful.
She has known Joanne for even longer as they first met when we used to meet in AXM bar next door to NewYork NewYork. They have been friends ever since, going out together, when the mood takes them.
I couldn't resist taking another picture, of them together shown below.


Joanne & Ruth

Tina, shown on the right with Tanya, came fpr the first time around last November, so we are pleased to see her back again and Tanya was here for the first time tonight.


Tina & Tanya




Tina & Pauline


Vanessa, shown here on the left will be our hostess next week when we will hold another "OPEN MIKE" night so I hope to see more of you then to give us all a song.

Caitlin will also be here with her Karaoke kit to help anyone with a song of their choice.

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