Wednesday the 1st November 2017




Welcome back to Mary's Blog.

I went on holiday in February this year and when I returned at the end of March I decided that I would not restart this blog as it was becoming too much to complete every week. Soon after that we had to move from Villaggio's, where we had been meeting for over 4 years, as the building had been sold.

We moved into Polari in the basement of VIA and have taken some time to settle in. The management are being very generous with us and allow us to use this space, which includes a changing room, free of charge. Initially they provided a member of staff to give us a bar in this room, but we dont give them enough trade here to justify the cost, so now we just use the lower room and go upstairs to the bar to get our drinks, which is OK.

They have offered us the use of a small bar area nearer to the main bar but we prefer to remain below, as they start playing very loud music, part way through the evening upstairs, which makes it difficult to talk comfortably.

We will continue to run the occasional Open Mike or Music night and when we run these, the bar will be open.

The next Music night is planned for Wednesday the 20th of December. This is being organised now by Gina and Gabriela. This will be instead of our normal Christmas party earlier in the month, so I hope many of you can make it that evening.

This blog will now appear at irregular intervals as the mood takes us, but rest assured, the club is still meeting every week as usual so do pop in when you can.

There is now NO weekly entrance charge so we would be delighted to see any of our previous members drop in for a short time just to say hello.

Meanwhile Vanessa is continuing to update our MANCHESTER CONCORD Facebook page each week so do go there and have a look when you get a moment.




Genevieve, Rebecca & Sandy Hilton


This evening was the day after Halloween so we had that as a theme and a few people made the effort so was worth doing.
Sarah Louise, who now lives in Blackpool made the trek over here with a couple of outfits so it was good to welcome her back after a long absence.

It was also great to welcome Sandy Hilton, from NewYork, who was over here on a visit and came in to meet like minded friends and to tell us about the group she is involved with in America.

They have a website called

She is a very personable lady and extended an invitation to all of us to visit them if we are ever over in New York. They also meet every wednesday in an apartment that they lease, between a group of them, so it has all the facilities that they need.

Michaela & Mary



Sarah Louise



Finally, it was great to meet Paula again, shown here on the left.
She has had quite a traumatic time over the last couple of years as, in the area where she was living, she was getting hassle from local Yobs and she got zero help from either the police or the local council to help with the problem.

She eventually persuaded the council to get her a different flat, which turned out to be no better. They have finally provided her with a third flat where she now feels safe and is enjoying life again.

It is all very well being told that we should report Hate Crime but when nothing useful happens, in the end people have to look after themselves. If she hadn't persisted nagging people she would still be in the same boat now. Meanwhile nothing has happened to stop the Yobs continuing to behave in the same way.

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