Wednesday the 19th of October 2016

Jennifer & Rosie

I am sorry I was late attending the club this evening, I had to go to a meeting that I needed to attend.
Congratulations to Jennifer and Rosie who have been coming to the club together for a few years now. They are now a happily married couple at last. Well done to the pair of you. They showed me their wedding picture and I would never have recognised Jennifer if I had been there.

It was lovely to meet Ursula for the first time this evening. I was glad to see that she had been made welcome and had a long chat with Hannah.

She had to go reasonably early because she had parked in an NCP car park, so for all you others out there, the Multi Storey car park in Charles street is available for £2 only from 4 pm till midnight every weekday and is only £2 all day on Saturday and Sunday.

If you wish to stay after midnight then our advice is to pick up the car after you leave the club and move it to a metered space in the village any time after 8 pm when these space are currently free until 8 am the next morning.

Hannah & Ursula





Dolores, Nikki & Heather



Minima, on the left is gaining confidence all the time so we are now seeing her more often. She came this evening to ask me to witness her passport application which I was happy to do as I have known her now for several years. It was just as well that we looked at all the requirements on the form as we found that it needed my Passport number on it as well so I had to take the form home to fill that in before sending it back to her to send off. I hope she got it in time.

Dont forget we will be having a Halloween Theme evening next wednesday the 26th of October.

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