Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

This was a normal club meeting, but things are starting to move already, for Sparkle next year and Karen has organised another Fund raising "Fire Walk" event to be held in Sackville Gardens on Sunday the 21st of December starting at 5pm.
So, as part of the organisation for this event, the Manchester Council insist that all the residents who live round the park must be sent letters giving them the details. Karen organised the printing of the letters but I volunteered Manchester Concord members to take on the job of folding, filling, stamping and addressing all 196 letters that need to go out to fulfil this obligation.
We have done this job a few times now to help Sparkle and the group of people shown here, that I asked to help out, managed to get the job done in around half an hour.
I would here like to thank them all , on behalf of the Sparkle trustees, for doing the job so willingly.


Ami and Fiona



We haven't seen Chloe at the club since before Sparkle in July so it was lovely to see her back with us again after such a long gap. She is such a busy lady these days that she now get little opportunity to come into Manchester on a wednesday. I hope it will not be as long before she makes it again.


Danni and Julia


It was interesting to talk with Danni this evening as she told me that she has recently been asked by her employers if she would become one of their Diversity representatives and help them with educating their staff in this regard. I suggested that she speaks to Jenny-Anne of Transforum as I know that she is already supplying training for several organisations.


Erica, on the left, has recently started coming to the club again , after a gap of many years, has offered to donate a number of clothes to the club and will be organising a clothes sale next week, the 26th of November. We will also have Gill Springay, The Makeover Girl, with us so it should be an interesting evening.

Finally, on Sunday the 23rd of November, I attended the Transgender Day of Rememberence ceremony in Sackville Park along with very many other people including many of our members. It is a very moving occasion well organised by the TDOR group who organised the installation and maintenance of the Memorial shown below.

We are exceeding lucky in this country at the level of tolerance that now exists to Transgender people, thanks to very much hard work by many people that have gone before us. But we still need to realise that this is not happening everywhere, as the statistic of 268 transgender people who have been KILLED THIS YEAR 2014, around the world shows. There is still much to be done.

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