Wednesday the 18th of November 2015

Amber & Debbie

The two girls on the left had peviously met on a forum and came together when they had the opportunity to come to Manchester on business. One from Scarborough and one from Cambridge. They spent some time with us in the club before venturing out to explore the village. We wish them well and hope they return again when they get the chance.

Debbie, on the right, used to be a member of Concord about 5 years ago but has now moved to Blackpool with her partner Sandra, so they dont now get to Manchester very often. It was great to see her again after all this time, managing to keep cheerful, despite having health problems with her kidneys. I wish you all the best Debbie and hope things improve for you.

Sandra & Debbie

Roli & Debbie

Debbie, on the left shown with Roli, is from Australia, but is now living here in Manchester so she came along this evening to join the club to try to spread her wings a bit more on the transgender scene. Welcome Debbie I hope we can help you make many friends here in Manchester.

Karen, on the right, now lives in West Yorkshire, so cannot get here very often, but she made a special effort today to visit old friends in Manchester. It was good to see you again Karen, still you cheerful outgoing self. Welcome back and I hope you can make it sooner next time.





Transgender Memorial

Sunday the 22nd of November was when the Transgender Day of Remembrance was held here in Sackville Park. Well over 100 people attended a very moving ceremony with around 270 names being read out, being the list of all the Transgender people that have either been murdered or committed suicide this year around the world.
We have come a long way in the last 30 years but there is still a very long way to go to change the attitude of many people to those who appear to be "Different" from the "Norm".

It is up to all of us to continue to encourage public discussion on this subject. It is pleasing to see what is happening in many schools today to try to help the next generation create a more tolerant society.

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