Wednesday the 18th of March 2015

Pauline and Sonia

This week we had a very enjoyable evening set up by Pauline and Sonia who liased with Cosplay to come along and spend time with us drawing various people who volunteered to be models.
As you can imagine we do have a few members who are quite happy to pose for pictures so there was no shortage of models.
They also tried to encourage some of our members to have a go at drawing so below here I will show as many of the models that I managed to photograph and below there will be some examples of the sketches that were done.
I have all the originals if anyone wants fullsize copies.
It made an interesting evening.
After those pictures will be some others that were with us but not for the drawing.



Michaela & Lynn





Genevieve & Pauline

Donna & Ruby




Michaela & Suzanne


We had some new visitors this evening as well. Alex was out for her first time tonight, visiting us from York. I hope she enjoyed her evening and will manage to get back with us again soon bearing in mind the distance she has to travel.
Suzanne, shown along with Michaela, was visiting us from the london area, making the most of her opportunity to visit the village here and meet new people. It was nice to meet you both, maybe Sparkle would be a good opportunity for you to come again.
Finally, it was a great pleasure to welcome back Michelle, who I have not seen for a long time now. I am so glad to see her looking well and content with her life, even though she has been under some stress recently sorting out her mothers belongings after she passed away. These things come to us all eventually. I am glad she was able to come in and visit us again.

Fiona & Tim

Nikki & Hannah



I have now spoken to Millie again on the phone this week and she sounded more cheerful that when I last spoke to her. She is hoping to be fit enough to return to Concord soon as she is missing her wednesday evenings out with us.
I am talking about Millie who regularly looks after our door NOT the Milli on the right who also modelled for the artists this evening.

Next week we will have our AGM. It is timed to start at 8:15 not 7:30 as originally advertised because Lynn, our Treasurer is also attending a meeting at the LGF which doesnt finish to 8pm.



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