Wednesday the 18th of June 2014



This evening we had the pleasure of a private performance from those well known concert performers Dr Violet Kettel and Dame Gertrude Pricilla Blacke.
I am sorry that the pictures here are not up to our usual standard but they do show how elegant these ladies looked.
This excellent performance was a dress rehearsal for their coming show at "Sparkle in the Park" on Sunday the 13th of July this year.

SPARKLE this year is a two day event so do stay and enjoy the entertainment in Sackville park on the sunday afternoon following a hectic saturday night.


Caroline and Kristina

Caroline, shown here with Kristina is an official photographer for Sparkle this year. It was good to welcome her back to Concord after about a two year absence.

A job that we do each year is to send out letters to all the residents who surround Sackville park to alert them to what is happening over the Sparkle weekend. On the right are the people who sat down early this evening to fill, stamp and label the envelopes before posting them off later in the evening.

Steffie, Mary, Genevieve and Lynn







Steffie and Jane

We also had delivered to us this evening all the Sparkle posters for delivery to the businesses in the village who have supported Sparkle this year. I would like to thank Lisa and Kristina for quickly making the rounds delivering them as required.

It was good to see Steffie back with us again after a break as she is suffering severely from sciatica and finds walking very difficult now. Her friend Jane is still keeping her moving socially.

Lisa and Millie

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