Wednesday the 18th of February 2015

This was a normal club evening with nothing special laid on and it is lovely to see a group of people just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
I cant remember all their names so I wont try here but this group is a mixture of old and new members some with their partners as well and this is what the club is all about.
New people can quickly relax with a group of existing members so it is a good introduction to anyone starting out on this enjoyable lifestyle.


Sarah came in for the first time this evening with a friend who did not want to be photographed here, so welcome Sarah. I know you came quite a distance but I hope we see you again soon.
Emma, on the right, was on a flying visit to Manchester and having a meal with her partner in the restaurant downstairs, so she came up for a long chat while she was here. Emma first came to the club about 6 years ago and. although she lives a long way away, she fully supports the idea of a club like ours as a way of helping new girls to get started to find their feet in the trans world. So thank you Emma for your support, I greatly enjoyed our chat and look forward to seeing you again soon.








Linda and Lynn

Sam and Vanessa

Next week we will have Gill Springay, The Makeover Girl, with us doing a makeup demonstration so this will be a good week for any newcomers to join us and get some real help with their image. She will need some volunteers to take part so if anyone is willing then please come along early in the evening to put yourself forward.
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