Wednesday the 18th of January 2017


This was a normal club evening, with nothing special planned, but was greatly enhanced by have three new people turn up.

The first was Davina, I hope I have got her name right but maybe not. She was visiting England for a week from Brazil, had found our website and thought she would give us a try. She stayed the whole evening so we must be doing something right. She is actually English but has been living in Brazil for the last 20 years. It was good to meet her as she was easy to talk with.

The second was Chanel, who had first gone to Butterflies and was recommended to come to us by Lynn. Chanel is very young, but already has enough confidence to make her way in the world as she wants to be. It was a pleasure to get to know her. I wish her all the best in the future and hope she returns soon.




The third new person was out for the first time and did not want to be photographed. So no picture and also no name as he wanted to just continue using his male name, which I wont give here to help retain his privacy. It was interesting to meet him and I hope he returns again soon.



Carole, Judith, Brenda & Diane


Frances, Chanel, Lynn & Davina

Helen, Rebecca, Lisa, Zoe & Heather

All the girls on the left have got to know each other very well and therefore we hear tales of them meeting up at other times and generally enjoying each other's company. This is really what this club is all about, as it gives an opportunity for people to initially meet up on neutral ground and get to know each other, before giving out more personal details about themselves and then meeting at other times as well.

Next week is Burn's Night so have suggested a Scottish Dress theme to help celebrate that, as well as having a QUIZ organised by Roli.

We look forward to this quiz as this will be a first for her at the club.

PS All the products that had been ordered from the Body Shop demo last week were delivered here this evening by Zoe, so thanks Zoe that is appreciated.

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