Wednesday the 17th of September 2014

Haley, Linda and Cate

This evening we had Haley and Linda back with us, selling masses of jewellery at knock down prices, plus some hats and some dresses.
Genevieve was very taken by this hat she is wearing here and she kept it on most of the evening, even wearing it when we went to "The Goose" at the end of the evening.
Hannah remarked that she looked like a posh lady and they even discussed what sort of title she should pick for herself.
Genevieve said that she was thinking of buying a title so she could lay claim to such a name.


Hannah, Nikki and Rachel


Hannah came back from a visit to the far east early last week but then failed to make it to the club because she was too ill to come out. I am glad to say she is now back to her old self and managed to get here this evening with no trouble.
Amanda came in with two new people this evening, Vicky and Tina. Tina was happy to be photographed but Vicky was not yet ready for such publicity so is not shown at the moment. It is always good to see new people coming to the club and we hope that they continue to come when they can.


Susan, Amanda and Tina



Tallii, on the left, is visiting this country from Edmonton in Canada, where she has been living with her partner for several years now. She was unemployed in this country but since moving to Canada has managed to work her way up to good employment and has her own house looking out at the Rockies. She met her partner by chance on an internet site and they have been happily together now for about 7 years. Life is good for them both.
Alicia, on the right gets here when she can, as she lives quite a distance away. I really like the colourful shapely dress she is wearing here.




Genevieve and Sarah


Lynn, on the left, has now actively taken on the role of treasurer to the club and has relieved me of some of the chores involved with keeping track of everything. Thank you very much Lynn it is greatly appreciated.

Next week we will have a stall from JJ Danglies with us. See the coming events info for more details.

Sarah, Mary and Lynn

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