Wednesday the 17th of June 2015

Alex, Carole & Hannah

This evening when I went down to the restaurant for a meal before the meeting I saw Alex, shown on the left, sitting having a meal by herself, so I asked if I could join her. She made me welcome and it was very enjoyable to be able to sit and chat without having many interuptions.
Alex is enjoying working as an agency nurse for several different hospitals across the North of England. She is fully accepted as a Transgender nurse and has no difficulty getting work. I am sure it is her caring attitude which keeps her in work, making her transgenderism completely irrelevant and shows what really matters in life.
Soon after the start of our meeting I was delighted to see Emma come in. We don't see her very much these days as she is now working full time as Emma and she needs to get on with her life, which she is thoroughly enjoying.
She came in especially to thank me and Concord for being there when she needed help to build her confidence. It is very pleasing to see the new person she has blossomed into. Thank you Emma for remembering how things started for you.


Kristina & anon

This evening was a theme evening called "Midsummer Madness" so we did hope to get some summer dresses and here is the best one we got. Sadly I cant remember the lady's name although I have known her a long time, but she is a fairly rare visitor so I hope I am excused.
I am always pleased to see Kristina as well in her nice summer dress. She adds to every occasion.
I was also delighted to see Paula come in with her partner Louise who we haven't seen for some months. She has changed her name from Michelle to Paula so many of you will remember her by that name.
I was very impressed to see that she has created a personal website at

It contains lots of good information and is very presentable so do have a look.



Ruby, Helen, Lisa & Heather

Mary & Paula


Mary,Alex,Joanna,Hannah,Nikki,Carole & Lynn



Finally here, I really would like to thank Lynn again for taking over the job of Treasurer for the club. This not only includes keeping track of our money and the bank account, but she has also taken over the tasks of paying our bill at the end of the evening and purchasing the wine and/or vouchers for the end of evening raffle.
This has relieved me of a lot of the weekly chores to keep the club going and I am very grateful.

Next week will be a normal club evening, but the following week the 1st of July Nicola Mad will be with us again offering her larger size shoes and boots

She is on Facebook as Dumdumshoes.

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