Wednesday the 17th of February 2016


I am sorry this blog entry is a bit late appearing.. I got back from my holiday in Thailand on tuesday the 16th of feb, came to the club on the wednesday and promptly picked up a bad cold a day or two later. It went to my chest and I felt so bad I didn't manage to make the following wednesday, but I will be there on the 2nd of March. I guess coming back to the cold weather didn't help.
I would like to thank the committe members, Lynn, Carole, Judith, Tina and Pauline for keeping things moving at the club. It is a committment but is well worth the effort.

Carole & Judith







Gina & Gabriella

On the left we have Gina and Gabriella who are both planning to take part in our next open mike night on the 16th of March, so keep that date free if you can.
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