Wednesday the 17th of December 2014

Mary, Susie, Lynn, Frances & Carole

We always expect the week after the christmas party to be a bit quiet but this was very strange.
The problem was that Manchester was completely snarled with traffic in a way that I have never seen before. It normally takes be 25 minutes to drive in to the city and I get here around 5 pm. I left at the same time as usual and finally managed to get near enough to park my car at 18:45 having taken over 2 hours to make the journey. All the streets I went along were just full of crawling traffic. It sometimes took 2 light changes before being able to move after you got to the front of the queue.

Alex, Rachel, Brenda, Diane, Carole & Hannah



This week also coincided with a "Meet the Trustees of Sparkle" meeting at a bar round the corner and I did expect that we would be a bit quieter at the start as that meeting was scheduled to run from 7pm to 8pm.
I did just manage to get there for the start and found that there were only two of our regular members there, Vanessa and Genevieve so that didn't significantly affect the attendance at the club.
There was about 15 people at that meeting plus 6 of the trustees so I am sure it was also suffering from the appalling traffic.
Richard, the Chairman of the trustees, gave a very good introduction to the new structure proposed for Sparkle, plus each of the new trustees introduced themselves. There was a very good question and answer session at the end and the verdict afterwards was that it had been a useful meeting and on the whole, people were pleased with the way Sparkle was being taken for the future.
I will not say any more on that subject here as I am sure the Sparkle website will start to contain much relevant information early next year.
I knew that both Millie and Tina were going to be absent this week so was very glad that Lynn appeared at the club just before I dashed off to go to the Sparkle meeting at 7pm and she set everything up and looked after the door. When I got back at 8:15 she told me that almost no one had appeared so it looked as though the evening was going to be very quiet indeed.
After that people did start to drift in but they all had a tale to tell about their appalling journey by car to get there. I do suspect that many people will have just given up and gone home.




Nothing stops Paula getting to Manchester so here she is again and the same goes for Lisa who is just as regular.
In the first photo at the top left I show Susie who was here in Manchester on business. She last managed to attend the club about 5 years ago, as she lives just north of London, although she tells me she was born in Moss Side, so is really a local girl.
She was very easy to talk with and seemed at home with us all.
At the end of the evening she did say that she would try to get to Manchester more often in the future, so lets hope she manages it.
It was also good to have Alex with us and we were able to spend a bit more time getting to know her. She is living full time as Alex and working as an Agency nurse which means that she moves around to several different work locations. If that isnt throwing yourself in at the deep end for a T girl then I dont know what is. Congratulations Alex you are a star.



Carole, Brenda & Diane



On the left we have the ever adventurous Michaela who always likes to surprise us with her outfits. She looked amazing in this red number.
Dont forget that we are having a "Pantomime" theme evening when the club restarts on the 7th of January and Michaela tells me that she already has an outfit in mind.

ALSO, this Sunday December the 21st of December there will be a FIREWALK organised by Karen on behalf of SPARKLE in Sackville Gardens from 16:30 to !8:30Hours. Although Karen tells me that the Participants will be having a training session starting at 16:00 and this can be quite entertaining so get there early.

There will now be no more meetings until the 7th of January next year when this blog will be done by Genevieve and/or by others on the committee until I return from my holidays in February. Mary

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