wednesday the 17th of August 2016

Sarah & Faye

Joanna, Mary, Judith, Paula & Millie

Yes Millie was back with us after a long gap. It was great to see her again looking so well.

Sarah & Stella



It was a pleasure to welcome back Stephanie who last visited us a year ago from down on the south coast where she lives. She made good use of our changing room and spent the whole evening here. Part way through the evening she was invited to go on a walk round the village to visit a few other venues, before they returned here to end their evening with us. She is an interesting, very sociable person, who was a pleasure to get to know. I hope I have remembered her name correctly.
We also had a visit from Paul, from, along with two very interesting ladies who work with him to help Transpeople in various ways. I am sorry but I have forgotten both of their names but we really enjoyed their company and hope we will see them again soon.
Paul has also become a member of Manchester Concord so will be returning soon.

Next week we are having a demonstration of fixing false eyelashes along with special mascara to thicken them up. Should be interesting.




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