Wednesday the 16th of September 2015

Helen & Michelle

This evening we had Michelle Mullany with us showing her "My Showcase" beauty products. She came in just after 7pm with her two lovely daughters who wanted to see where their mummy was going to spend some time before they had to go off to be put to bed by daddy. They went off with no fuss after helping deliver her boxes to us.
When Michelle came back we helped to set up the tables so that she could lay out her products.

Helen with her stall

Paula & Michelle

Michelle is a very sociable lady and she quickly got talking to several different people, showing them the products in the My Showcase catalogue.
This catalogue has been put together by Kate Shapland, Beauty Editor of the Telegraph to show the best in independent beauty products.
She talked and made friends with most of the people who came this evening and has agreed to return again in a few months for a second visit having greatly enjoyed her evening.

On the right we have Alice shown with Judith. Alice was visiting Manchester from down south in the Southhampton area so she took the opportunity to join us for the evening. She spent the whole evening with us and even came along to the Molly House afterwards to stretch the evening out so I think she enjoyed herself. Welcome Alice I hope we see you again soon.

Alice & Judith

Cindy & Maxine

We also had another potential new member visit us this evening, Maxine, shown here on the left with Cindy. She is a local girl so we may see more of her in the future.
It is always great to see Cindy when she pops in on her way back to Leeds. She is very supportive of the club and comes in whenever she can make it.
Below it seems that split full length dresses may be coming back into fashion as we had two with us this evening. Maybe we should have this as a theme for an evening in the future.
Below, Frances, shown with Lynn, has just come back from a short holiday in Glasgow having had a very enjoyable time seeing all the sights in that area.

Helen, Rebecca & Lisa


Rachel & Julia



Lynn & Frances


Next week and the week after will be a normal club evenings followed by a "Blue Dress" theme evening the week after that on the 7th of October.
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