Wednesday the 16th of July 2014


This evening we were pleased to have a talk given by Iris, who was one of the very early leaders of the trans activities that took place in the seventies in Manchester.
She told us about the very early cautious venturing out that took place then as compared to the way things are now.
We forget that Trans people were assumed to be homosexual and that this was illegal in this country at that time.
She came armed with many photo albums that she passed around for people to see and recalled some of the early personalities that were active at that time.
She then went on to describe her own life and coming out and how she accidentally got into teaching an evening class as Iris. This gave her much self confidence to persue many activities as Iris to this day.

Some of the audience


Sue, shown in the picture on the right, was one of our very early members, who I met again this year at Sparkle and she came along this evening because she remembered Iris and wished to meet her again.
Her talk provoked a lot of questions and discussion which made for a very interesting evening for all of us.
It seems that there is some interest in hearing about how clubs like ours got started and a hope that the history might get recorded before all those involved fall by the wayside and the story gets lost.

Judith, Iris, Sue and Frances


Millie with Iris in the background







During the evening we also had two visitors from Ireland who enjoyed their time with us but did not wish to be photographed at this time.
I have since had an email from Sophie thanking us for making them so welcome and saying how much they had enjoyed the freedom of being able to visit many venues her in Manchester without any problems.
We have a lot to be thankful for living in such a progessive city as Manchester, as I have just attended a meeting with members of the city council asking us for advise on how to improve on any service that they provide, so that TG people can be supported and feel included.


Mary and Genevieve

At the end of the evening some of us usually finish up in Paddy's Goose after 11pm.
It appears that it is going to be refurbushed but the current start date is at the end of August.
As you may know Lauren has now left Villaggio's and we were very sorry to see her go, but at present her place up here in the bar has been filled by Meshi and I would like to thank her for doing the job so well.
Next week we will have Linda, Victoria and possibly Haley with us again selling their wares, so do come along and see what they have.

Kelly and Sheila

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