Wednesday the 15th of June 2016

Gill Springay

This week we had Gill Springay, "The MakeOver Girl" with us again and here she is giving a make up demo to Joan who came along for the first time this evening.
It is always enjoyable to have Gill with us and she enjoyed her evening spending time with several of the girls giving advice and just generally relaxing.



Vanessa & Debbie





Corinna doesn't normally like to see pictures of herself but she was delighted to see the back view picture as it is a view she never sees normally and this outfit was very effective.
It was great to see Vanessa here again looking so well even though she is having Chemo which is very disabling for a lot of her time.
It was also good to see Rachel here as she is now getting busier and busier with her voluntary work. Keep it up Rachel, you are looking good on it.
Here is another picture of Michaela from the front, which shows how cleverly the outfit is designed as it makes her look much slimmer.


Paula at work


Paula. she even clears up

Paula did come in this evening but I failed to get a picture, so she sent me some she had taken before. We dont often see her like this so it is good to see that she earns her living as well as attending all the social events that she goes to.

Next week we will hold a WHITE DRESS theme event as it is as close to the longest day of the year that we can get to.

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