Wednesday the 15th of July 2015


This evening was billed as an "Open Mike Night" to finish off the Sparkle week but we are obviously a group of very reluctant performers.
It was great to see Danni come in with her guitar as we have not seen her perform before. It was a very enjoyable session she gave so I hope we see her again on any other musical evenings that we arrange.
Vanessa asked for others to get up and perform and we were eventually very pleased to welcome a guest shown below with Milli and his friend. I am sorry but their names have escaped me but we hope to welcome them back when they return to Manchester for the Pride weekend at the end of August.
Our guest stood up and offered to read a poem that he had written about his/her life as a T-girl. We did not know what to expect and it was interesting to see everyone perk up and listen carefully as we realised that we were being treated to something special. It was very moving. Thank you.


Sparkle visitors & Milli

Joanna x 2


Lisa & Paula


Pauline & Genevieve


Milli & Heather


It was great to see Lisa come in again after a gap of several months and here she is back in her usual place at the bar with Paula.
We tried another experiment using the large mirror for Joanna's picture and it worked well while I could take it without using the flash.

Next week will be a normal club week and the week after we will have a new make up girl with us called Datsa who I met on sunday at Sparkle.

Genevieve tells me that Alison who used to do clothes repairs and alterations will be with us again that week so she may be willing to do work for some of you if you need anything done.

Rachel & Roli

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