Wednesday the 15th of April 2015

Heather & Lisa

Heather, on the left, had more pictures to show of her trip to the US with a whole group that she had taken professionally while she was at the convention. She has promised to put together a report soon to show what went on.
It was lovely to see Yvonne back with us again. She came last week after a long gap and was here again this week so I hope we see more of her now. She has been through hard times recently but is getting more settled now.



It was a lovely surprise to see Kerry come this evening as I haven't seen her out and about for some years. She now has a partner and has been full time for over two years, so she has less incentive to come and meet other girls like herself. This is what happens with most people who finally complete the process of change and is totally understandable as now they just want to merge into the world and carry on with their lives.
But it is very nice for us if they will just come back occasionally to see their old friends and tells us how they are getting on. This is what Kerry has done this week and we are very pleased to see her.
She tells me that she is now self employed and is getting as much business as she can handle just by word of mouth recommendations and by the advertising on her Van which says that she is a lady electrician and gives her phone number. This has definitely got her some business.





Next week, the 22nd of April we will have a "FLOWERY DRESS" theme evening plus Beckie, the new Chairperson of the SPARKLE Trustees will be giving a talk about SPARKLE 2015 and trying to recruit some more volunteers to help support the event. Please do come along and find out what is happening.
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