Wednesday the 15 of October 2014

Dee, Linda, Carole, Lynn, Millie, Tina, Paula, Genevieve & Mary

This evening we had a Blue dress theme night and this just shows up how many different shades of blue there are.
Michaela appeared later in the evening so was not included but she has managed to create a really fun outfit. Little Bo-peep springs to mind.

Below are some individual photos that show off the colours better.













Vaness & Sam


On the left we have Dee who visited us for the first time, coming all the way from Yorkshire and staying overnight to make the most of the day. She enjoyed her time with us and is hoping to be able to return again soon.
We had a total of four new people with us this evening so it is difficult to keep track. Helen on the right was new and so was Prue who was visiting Manchester all the way from Germany on business. She knew we met in the village but had not realised we met here on Wednesday evenings, so was pleasantly surprised to find us here this evening. Welcome to you both and I hope you are able to return at some point. We told Prue about Sparkle and she may be able to return for that event.

Helen and Prue


Steff shown here all in blue to fit in with our theme, only managed to get here soon after 10pm but we introduced her to the girl on the right, whose name escapes me, and when we closed we went on to "The Goose" where they managed to have a long chat.

Next week the 22nd of October we will hold a Quiz night and the week after that is our Haloween evening so I hope to see more of you all there.


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