Wednesday the 14th of October 2015

Linda's Stall

This week we had Linda back with us selling more of her excellent value wigs and the remains of her jewellery and make up stock.
Her stall is always popular with interest being shown throughout the evening and many of her wigs being tried on and sold.
She has agreed to return again on the 9th of December.

general view

Brenda & Diane

We have been experimenting with the layout of the tables in the club in order to try to make it more inclusive and have found that creating a large table that many people can sit round does encourage conversation between different groups.
We are encouraged by this and will continue with it in the future when this layout is suitable for the occasion.

Judith, Lisa & Vanessa










Ami & Ami

I was pleased to see The two Ami s come in this evening as they are good friends and continue to support each other. Ami, in Black, is now recovering from a serious eye operation and I am glad to hear that she is now able to see ok and is making good progress.

Next week we will be visited by several of the Sparkle trustees for the first of their community meetings to report on this years Sparkle and talk about the proposals for next year. All are welcome to this meeting and there will be no charge at the door for anyone.

The following week will be our Halloween celebration so do take the opportunity to dress up and enjoy yourself.

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