Wednesday the 14th of May 2014

Gill Springay

Gill Springay was with us this evening and was kept busy most of the time. Every time I looked she was either deep in conversation with someone or else she was giving them a makeover.
We are always pleased when she comes and I think she enjoys it as well.
The group of ladies on the right came in fairly early in the evening as they had arranged to all go out for a meal together.
Lisa is a regular at the club but it was nice to see the other three as they only appear occasionally.
I also took three of them individually so here they are below. Sorry but I forgot to get Anna on her own.

Anna, Cate, Lisa and Kaydenise



Kay Denise


It is always a pleasure to welcome Donna as she is so imaginative with her clothes.
It appears she has found a lady in China who will make clothes like this for her and they are excellent quality and value.


Kristina and Chris

On the left we have Kristina and Chris. Kristina used to be one of our very regular members but we haven't seen her for sometime so I was very glad to see her back. It appears that other distractions and normal life have got in the way which is why we haven't seen her. She has promised to try to do better.
Chris is a visitor from Surrey who last visited us around Sparkle last year, so welcome back Chris it was great to talk to you again. I hope to see you at this years Sparkle.
Nikki and Pauline have also been distracted by other events in the area but it was good to see them back and I hope they manage to get here more often in the future.

Nikki and Pauline



Frances and Michaela




Nikki, shown in the middle above, has just returned from a 9 day walk in Wales along the Coastal path. A few weeks ago she was telling Millie and Lynn that she was about to go on this walk and they said that they assumed she was going as Nikki. Up to that point she had not intended to, but having been given the thought she decided to give it a go and she is very glad that she did. She tells me that she had a very enjoyable 9 days talking to everyone that she passed on the way and not having any bad reactions from anyone. This has given her great confidence to go out as Nikki and she is feeling on top of the world because of it. Good for you Nikki, it just shows that confidence is all you need to be yourself.

Finally, NEXT WEEK we are have as a theme, A Royal Garden Party, so we are hoping for some good summer dresses and Hats. There will also be Strawberries and cream available on a first come first served basis for those attending.
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