Wednesday the 14th January 2015

Frances and Vanessa

It’s amazing how different girls turn up every week, & this week is an example.

We had expected Gill Springay but the bad weather meant she had to cancel.

In spite of the weather we had a good attendance with several from Liverpool.



Amanda, Dolores, Roli


Lynn, Linda and Pauline

Susan is going to a Trans convention event in America soon, & said she would be able to do a presentation on our new projector, upon her return. If anyone has been on a trans holiday & would like to do a presentation, we can arrange a date.

Alex, Nikki and Kate

Next week we are having a quiz organised & run by Emma, who used to run pubs where she gained her quiz experience, so the questions are varied general knowledge, & provide for a good competition. There are prizes for the winning team.


LGF Trans volunteer night

On Monday 2nd February the LGF are holding an event to recruit more trans volunteers. It's your opportunity to get involved in improving their services to the trans community. Hope to see some of you there.

Details on the Concord forum here »

Queer Contact

We have had an email from the Contact theatre regarding Queer Contact, our festival celebrating LGBT arts and culture as part of LGBT history month in February. They are putting on several trans related events so have a look on their website

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