Wednesday the 13th of May 2015

This evening Beckie, our Sparkle Trustee Chairperson, came along and gave an interesting overview talk about the various Social Media websites that are now available for people to use. She explained the pros and cons of the different sites and emphasised that we, as users, are in control of who gets to see what we input, provided we are careful to check our privacy requirements when we set things up. This was a useful talk and I hope it encouraged some of the audience members to make use of these sites.
I am sorry but I failed to take any pictures at this time except one and unfortunately that one included someone who later asked me not to include her on any pictures on the internet, so I am not showing it.



Here on the left we have Paula, who comes to the club every week, always looking immaculate.
Some of you may have wondered why this year we didn't have any pictures of her out and about at the Grand National.
This is because she decided to give it a miss this year and do something else instead.
What she did was to take a trip up Snowdon and here she is on the right showing what the wind can do to your hair. She sent me this picture with a note saying that she was very impressed with the way a wig stays on even during such a strong wind.
I have shown her again below and you still cant see her face but I am sure you can recognise her.


Paula on Snowdon

Paula on Snowdon

Tina, shown on the right with Kelly, came along to the club for the first time this evening having emailed me first to say she was coming and had been looking forward to it for some time.
She joined us for a drink first downstairs in the restaurant and then went up to get changed after we had finished eating.
I failed to recognise her when she first reappeared as she looked so different, poised and confident. I was very impressed with her appearance. She tells me that she enjoyed her evening and hopes to join us once a month in the future when she can make the time.
I was delighted to see Kelly again, after a long gap, and very interested to hear that she has now got a job as a tram driver and is enjoying being full time as Kelly

Kelly and Tina



Tim, Danni and Julia

It is always good to see the three girls on the right, come in, as they are an almost inseparable trio who obviously enjoy each others company.
I was very interested to hear that Danni, having been asked to represent the company she works for as their diversity rep, has now got even more involved and is attending meetings with people from other companies to help put together their diversity training.
Next week we will hold a "PINK DRESS" theme evening so I hope we can get some good pictures with lots of participants.
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