Wednesday the 13th of July 2016

Heather, Antonia, Rebecca, Ella, Sarah & Llyn

The week after Sparkle proved to very quiet but as always it is a pleasure to welcome people that haven't been for a long time, such as Antonia and Ella. Both in the picture on the left.
Ella has apparently named herself after Ella Fitzgerald and knowing that it is now easier to remember her name.

Frances, Heather, Ruby & Rebecca





It was great to welcome back Sue, shown above on the left. We had a long chat at Sparkle and she promised to come along with some photos. I first met Sue in 1987 soon after I came out of the closet as she was a regular at the club. She eventually became great friends with a very well known tv called Tammy who used to go everywhere in very "Over the Top" outfits.
Sadly Tammy died some years ago from Liver cancer so Sue has been bereft ever since. What is nice is that Sue became good friends with Tammy's wife and they are still friends.
Sue is still the same effervescent character that she always was and she entertained the people here this evening with her stories. She joined us later in the Molly House and it was then that we realised that she still liked her drink. She was planning to go to Napoleons after we left but a few of us decided that it would be better if she went home, as she was very vulnerable on her own. Llyn and I took her home in my car and dropped her at her back door. The following day she rang and thanked me for the evening and for taking her home so she was aware of what happened at the end and was glad to get home safely

Next week will be my 80th Birthday so the Committee have decided to make it a special evening. I hope that at least some of my friends from the past might turn up. Mary

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