Wednesday the 12th of October 2016


Mica, shown here on the left, has had her troubles in the past so it is good to see her here looking so good. She made friends with Judith a year or two ago now and it has made such a difference to her life.
She has also been able to get other help and advice from different members of the club which has helped her along the way.
This makes all the effort of keeping this club alive worthwhile.

Judith, Carole and Megan


Carole, Rebecca & Megan


Tim & Julia



It is always good to see Michaela come in to the club as she really enjoys dressing up so we never know what she will be wearing. This outfit is different but looks good on her.
Many of you will have noticed that Tina has not been to the club for a few weeks now. This is because she had an infection in one of her toes and this had to be dealt with in hospital. This has resulted in her being unable to wear her female shoes at present. She phoned me yesterday with her apologies for not coming but said that it may be as much as 6 more weeks before she has recovered enough to return. She is hoping to be able to attend the christmas dinner.
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