Wednesday the 12th of November 2014

This was a normal club evening, with nothing special laid on as Linda, who was scheduled to come has damaged her leg and cannot drive at present. We wish her a speedy recovery.
We got a good number of people coming in and the atmosphere was greatly enhanced by this merry group of people that were obviously here to enjoy themselves.
It is quite difficult to photograph a group of this size without interfering with them and spoiling their cohesion, so as I cannot identify all the names accurately, I will leave it to you to try to name them all.


Helen, Heather and Helena

Diane and Carole


Judith, above, had just bought this new hat today, to be ready for the winter, so here she is well wrapped up and raring to go.
Helen and Heather only joined the club a few weeks ago but seem to have hit it off well and now seem inseperable. I love it. It was also lovely to see Helena with us again early in the evening as she now finds that staying at home with her family is too easy an option. Nevertheless, she is here this evening and we are glad to see you Helena.
We are aslo starting to see a lot more of Carole and Diane now which is great. Carole now seems to be a lot happier than she used to be and it is great to see her enjoying herself.




Genevieve and Jennifer

Michaela, above, had recently bought these uniforms from a market in Manchester and decided that it was time to show them off. They looked great on her as they seemed to fit her well, so thank you Michaela for giving us the opportunity to see them this evening.
We had this lovely girl Jennifer visit us this evening from southern Ireland. She is very appreciative of what the club has to offer and this included a donation of £10 to the club, so thank you Jennifer. She tells me that what she would really like to do is start a similar club much nearer to where she lives but is really not sure how to go about it. If she does manage to start a group she would love to invite some of us over to visit them.

Jennifer and Mary

Anna and Tina





Vanessa and Frances




Millie and Mica



Cate has recently returned from a holiday in Spain where she has been for sometime. When I told her I was returning to Thailand for a holiday and planned to spend some time in Phuket, she said that she had also been there staying in a Hotel right in the south of the island and enjoyed it very much.
Milli, as ever, was her usual cheerful self and she always manages to add a bit of colour into her outfits.
Next week is a normal club evening as well, but dont forget that we are having our Christmas dinner together here at Villaggios on Saturday the 29th of November, so see the coming events pages for full details. It is not too late to book.



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