Wednesday the 12th of August 2015

Dee & Henrietta

Today it was a delight to see Dee come in with a number of her friends from Dee Selecta.
Henrietta, shown with her here, was out in the village for the first time so this was an opportunity not to be missed.
They stayed with us for a while and then went off to show her the village, hopefully to give her confidence to venture out again in the future.
It was good to hear that Dee Selecta is still going strong supporting many old and new members of the trans community.






Frances above, has just returned from a holiday in East Anglia, where she was able to spend some time as Frances visiting the various National trust places in that area. She is becoming a well travelled person in the UK having now visited most of the corners of this country of ours.

Mary & Amy

Carole, Genevieve & Lynn


August is a quiet month but there are still things to look forward to as Manchester Pride will take place in the village from Friday the 28th to Monday the 31st of August here in the village. SPARKLE will be putting on a show in Sackville park on the monday afternoon so do go along and support your transgender friends.
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