Wednesday the 11th of November 2015


It was great to welcome Karen back from her recent Op looking so well and cheerful. She will be off work for several weeks yet, but at this rate of recovery she will be raring to go by then.

Penny, on the right, shown here with her new girlfriend Tina is always a welcome visitor to the club when her job allows her a little time off.
Tina is just under 5 feet tall and hadn't realised that their difference was so great until she saw this picture.

Penny & Tina

Paula & Paula

Paula, on the left of this picture was telling us about an outing they had recently to visit the old Coronation street film set and she promised to send me the picture that was taken, so here it is. She will probably have it hanging on her office wall before very long.
I was pleased to see the other Paula, also shown here, as she has not been able to make it for some time now.


Paula and her Partner


Pauline, Sarah, Diane & Stephanie


Helen & Rebecca



Nikki & Hannah

This week started off very quietly but as the evening progressed more and more people came in which made it very enjoyable.
It is pleasing when so many people still support the club in this way as we do need existing members to support us so that we can continue to support newcomers as they make their first steps into this exciting world.

Joanne & Genevieve

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