Wednesday the 11th of May 2016

pauline & Lynn

This week Pauline came along with her own laptop computer and I had a printer, so that we could experiment with printing visiting cards for members.
We also planned to give advice to anyone that was interested in getting some help with their own machines.
We had a few interested people so Pauline was able to give some useful advice.
She has also developed a simple process for creating individualised cards so these could be available for anyone that is interested.


Hannah & Nikki

Hannah & Nikki





Angel & Jane

It is great to see Jane managing to get out more often these days, bringing her friend Angel with her.
On the right we also have Zoe with us who looks after the bar in such a friendly way. Thanks Zoe, it is a pleasure to have your company, but we are all a bit jealous of you height. It is one of the things we cant do anything about.

Next week we will have Rosie with us selling some of her hand made jewellery along with some other commercial products. Do come along to see what she has available.

Mary, Zoe & Angel

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