Wednesday the 11th of March 2015

Rebecca and Lisa

I was glad to see Rebecca come in this week as two weeks ago she left her handbag in the changing room and we had to lock it up to keep it safe. She said that she had not realised until a few days later and was glad to have it back. This week she was wearing the red outfit you see here so the red handbag she came with was more appropriate.
Tracy, on the right, was visiting from afar and was looking forward to spending the next day being escorted round town by a male friend.
Jane, shown with her, hasn't been to the club for about a year due to life getting in the way. I hope she makes it again sooner next time.

Tracy and Jane

Denise, Rachel & Milli


Denise, Rachel & Mary


Denise, above, was with us for the first time this evening. I introduced her to Rachel and Milli and they spent a long time chatting together. I then took the picture of the three of them and Milli offered to take one with myself in the group so you get both pictures.


Danielle, Brenda, Carole, Jayde,?

Rachel and Nikki

Tina is shown here looking very relaxed keeping the money safe on her own in the absence of Millie who has not been well lately along with her mother which explains her absence for the last few weeks. We wish you well Millie and hope to see you again soon.
Next week we will have some COSPLAY members with us so this should make for an intereresting week. I hope to see you there. Mary
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