Wednesday the 11th of June 2014



Sonia, Suki, Jem and Pauline

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This evening we were visited by some of the members of a group that meets in Manchester called Cosplay. This stands for Costume Play. Several of the members are artists and they all enjoy dressing up and posing to be sketched by others in the group. Sonia and Pauline are also members and Genevieve has recently also joined them as a model. She suggested that we arrange this combined meeting and it proved to be a great success. Suki and Jem are artists from Cosplay and they appeared to enjoy the experience with us producing some amaziong sketches very quickly. We also laid on tea, coffee and cupcakes for our guests and ourselves to make the evening more hospitable. Below there are a number of pictures taken by Pauline just to show people taking part and some of the results, but not all the pictures as she took around 160 which is too many to show here.



That is the end of Pauline's pictures, now here are a few of my own.

Karen and Joanne

Rachel, Judith and Chloe

Tim and Danni


I was pleased to see Karen and Joanne come into the restaurant early in the evening as they come a long way to visit us so Manchester must still have its attractions.
Chloe, in the middle picture has not been able to get here for some time and sadly, it appears that we wont see her again until perhaps September as she has many family commitments that keep her busy. She cant even make Sparkle which is a shame.

Tina with matching handbag



Lisa, Cindy and Roli

Mary and Cindy


Tonya and Beckie

Tonya, on the left with Beckie , has changed her name from Amber and has now joined Concord this evening, so welcome Tonya.
Beckie has recently moved from London up to Manchester so hopefully we will see a lot more of her in the future.
Lynn, on the right was all dressed up including her Tiara ready to pose for a drawing later in the evening.




We had two new people come along this evening. The first was Wendy who came in drab for her first evening but fully intends to come dressed next time.
Wendy was well looked after by Debbie and her partner Anne for the first part of the evening which was pleasing to see, then later on, Tommy turned up, all the way from Rome having come to Manchester for a job interview and they kept him company for some time as well.
Tommy had found us on the internet and decided to come along to be in a friendly atmosphere. I am glad you found us Tommy, it was a pleasure to have you around. I hope we meet again soon.

Debbie and Tommy

Finally, next week, we will have entertainment from Kettel and Blacke who are going to also be on the Stage in Sackville Park for Sparkle on Sunday the 13th of July. Put it in your diary