Wednesday the 10th of June 2015


This week we had Linda with us selling off some of her stock at bargain prices. She will also be at Sparkle in the park this year trying to reduce her stock as she is thinking of giving up this business. If she has anything left after that, then she has agreed to return here again to offer the rest to our members. I will let you know after Sparkle is over if that is going to happen.
I am sorry but we had a busy evening and I failed to take the chance to picture Linda's stall. As you can see in the background of her picture, she is all packed up and ready to go.
Fiona, on the right, is one of our loyal members who has been coming to the club for many years now. I was fascinated to hear this evening that her partner, who I have never met, reads this blog every week to keep up with what is happening at the club. I do often wonder who is reading this and would love to hear from anyone who reads it but is not a member of the club.




Catherine, Devon & Alana





I spent some time talking with the girl above on the left but , I am sorry, I cant remember her name. She has been to the club before but not for some time, so it is always pleasing to see people return when they can. I hope she makes it sooner next time.
Devon and Alana brought along Catherine for the first time this evening, so welcome Catherine, I hope to see you again soon.
Michelle came along the first time a few weeks ago and this evening she returned and joined Concord, so we must have done something right the first time.
We had more than the usual number of new people this evening as Marie, on the left, came for the first time as I believe so did Pauline so tonight was very encouraging for us.



Hannah, Nikki & Carole

Helen & Judith




I am really glad to see Chloe back with us again, on a regular basis, as we have missed her these last few months. She and I are going to see the Ladyboys together on Friday so that should be fun for us both.
It was lovely to Cindy here again as she is not in Manchester so much these days but it is good that she calls in when she can.
Next week we are having a " MIdsummer Madness" theme evening so it will be interesting to see what we get.
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