Wednesday the 10th of December 2014




This week we had our Christmas party with a buffet laid on for all who came along. It was lovely to see so many people come along to enjoy the evening and meet friends, old and new.
It was a nice surprise for me to see my friend Julie again as I have known her since I started at Concord many years ago. She now lives in Scotland which is why we no longer meet and sadly she now only visits Manchester to look after her mother who is suffering from Vascular dementia. I wish you well Julie and hope things work out OK for you and your mother.


Julie, Nikki & Hannah

Alice and Kate

Amber and Dawn


Dee, Devon & Alana

Dolores, Anne & Debbie


Vanessa & Sam

Devon, above, brought two new friends along for the first time, from parts south of here, so welcome to Dee and Alana, I hope you enjoyed you visit with us.
Dolores, in the middle picture, generously gave me a very large tin of sweets which were appreciated by all as the tin was empty by the end of the evening. Thank you very much Dolores, they were delicious.


Lynn, Linda, Tina & Millie



Pippit, from Cumbria, brought along some of the excellent jewellery made by her wife, to add an extra flavour to the evening. I hope it was successful for her.
The buffet, provided by Villaggio's, was excellent and proved to be just sufficient for all those who came along as the table was bare by the end of the evening.
I would like to thank all the staff at Villaggios for their help and encouragement over the last year and especially Meshi for the friendly service she provides for us each week.

Finally can I wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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