Wednesday the 10th of August 2016


Next week we are having a Stripey Dress theme, but Tina cant get here then, so she decided to wear her stripey dress this evening instead. I am not sure if the pink trousers really go with it but the dress looks good.
Heather and Lisa usually also have Helen with them but they tell me that Helen is now getting invoved in so many ather activities we may see less of her in future. She has apparently now got a job as an assistant in a ladies dress shop and it really enjoying her time there.

Heather & Lisa







It was good to see Dee, from Dee Selecta, come in this evening along with one of her customers Henrietta. Welcome Henrietta, it is good to see you back again.

Next week we will have a STRIPEY DRESS theme evening and the week after we are having a demonstration of how to put on thicker false eyelashes which are now available. This should be interesting so do put it in your diary if you can.


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