Wednesday 9th of November 2016

William & Tracey

This evening we had Tracey Phillips from SKIN CARE FOR QUEENS come along with her partner William to give us a demonstration of a skin care treatment and outline all the other treatments she does.
She also brought along many samples of products that she sells that she gave away to anyone that wanted to try them.
She brought her partner William to use as a model because she realised that we would all be weraing makeup that we would not want to remove during the evening.
The treatment she was demonstrating was a SKIN PEEL which is done using various products including a very mild fruit acid which does the job. She gave a very thorough demo on William which did leave his skin looking really good and feeling very soft.
He said that he really enjoyed having it done for the very first time with us .

Product samples


Demo in progress



Afterwards we were able to see and feel the effects of the treatment.
The audience before the demo started.



Vanessa and Linda

Lisa, Milli & Kristina

Not sure why Black was so prominent this evening but I couldn't resist taking these three very elegant ladies pictures.

I would like to thank Tracey very much for her excellent demonstration this evening which was enjoyed by everyone present this evening.

Finally. PLEASE DONT FORGET that there will be a Transgender Day Of Rememberance (TDOR) gathering in SACKVILLE PARK this coming SUNDAY starting at 16.30 hrs.

Lisa, Mary & Kristina

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