Wednesday 6th of August 2014


Early in the evening it was great to see Carol and Caroline walk in unexpectedly.
They are friends on TVChix but did not know they would be in Manchester until they met in Canal street this evening.
Caroline is a long time member of Concord from down south and manages to visit us a few times a year when she also comes up to visit a friend in North Manchester.
Carol has never visited us before but also comes quite a distance so it was lovely to see such an extrovert visitor walk in the door. What a fabulous hairdo and the rest looks prety good too.
Welcome Carol, I hope we see more of you in the future.

Carol, Genevieve and Caroline

Judith and Jennifer

Lynn, Judith, Jennifer, Rosie and Linda



Rosie, who is in the group picture above, has started to make jewellery and is going to start offering it for sale when she is ready. She has now decided to have her first sale at the club and we have fixed for her to be here on the 29th of October when we will also have Halloween as our theme night.



Cate and Lisa



Millie and Joanne



Debbie, on the left, met her new partner Anne at Sparkle last year, completely by chance but exchanged mobile phone numbers while chatting in the park on the saturday afternoon. A week or so later Debbie rang Anne and they spent ages chatting on the phone, so soon after that Debbie came over from Yorkshire and spent some time with Anne.
Since then things have moved fast and they now share a house together and couldn't be happier with each other. It is great to see when things work out like that. Good luck to you both.
We have nothing special laid on for next week but the following week, the 20th of August we will have an ASIAN dress theme night to give people a chance to air any asian outfits they may have. It gives me a chance to wear my Sari which I bought from a shop on curry mile a few years ago.
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