Wednesday 6th of April 2016


Sophie, Sydney & Rachel



This week we had arranged for Sydney to come along to act as a model for Gill Springay before Sydney then used her new persona to perform a repertoire of songs.
Sadly Gill Springay was unable to attend, but Sydney then went away and did her own makeup before returning to give her performance.
She sang a very varied mix of songs some of which were picked in the hope that people would get up and dance. This worked well and the overall opinion afterwards was that it was a very enjoyable evening provided by a very talented singer. So thank you Sydney, we will definitely ask you back if you are willing to come.

The next day I got an email from Sydney and she asked me to pass on the following message.
"I had a wonderful time performing at Concord and would like to thank all of you who were kind enough to come up and kindly compliment me - it is very encouraging when people are so supportive. I hope sometime in the future to return and entertain you again. Thank you."

We have since heard that Gill is OK and we will hopefully arrange for her to attend the club soon.






Debbie, shown above in the middle, has now been elected Chairperson of the Sparkle Trustees, after Beckie resigned for personal reasons last week. She is now also the regular DJ at Stage Door, in Bloom Street every wednesday evening.
Whitney is our regular member from Belgium. She tells me that she makes most of her own clothes, which helps her vary her outfits each time she comes. Well done Whitney, it is good to hear of people doing things like this to help themselves.

Next week Linda will be with us again selling her wigs and jewellery

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