Wednesday 3rd of September 2014


This was a normal club evening with nothing special laid on, but was made special by a number of new people that came for the first time or after a very long gap.
First we have Lisa who comes quite a distance and was driving back this evening so she couldn't stay too late or have a drink. Even so we spent quite a time talking and I think she enjoyed her visit. I think next time she may stay overnight to give her more flexibility.

Then a strange man walked in and I thought I recognised him but couldn't be 100% sure. He turned out to be Dionne who hasn't been to the club for around 10 years when we used to meet in the Hollywood bar. His work pattern had changed and the opportunity to visit was no longer there as he/she comes from Glasgow. Happily things have changed again and she travels the country now, so has the chance of occasional visits. This was just an exploratory visit to see if we were still going so hopefully we will see her again soon.



Next we have Linda, a charming lady up on a visit from London. She has a lovely quiet speaking voice and came across as very confident. It was a pleasure to have your company Linda and I hope you visit us again soon.

Much later in the evening we had a visit from Anna who is working up in this area at present but goes wherever her work takes her, so cannot guarantee to visit very often. She said that she had just completed a project so decided to take a few days rest before starting a new one. Hence her visit. It was good to see you Anna and I hope it is not too long before you come again.

Last week Judith fell and hurt her back so it was good to see her again this week looking fit and well.


Anna and Judith


Paula and Lisa







Our last visitor for the evening was Sandra who has not been for some time and only managed to get here quite late, by which time I had put away my camera. We met up again later on in Paddy's Goose so here she is in the corner of the now refurbished bar. Incidentally Paddy's Goose is now called THE GOOSE and is looking very much smarter than before. The "Ladies" have been well cleaned up and you can even lock the doors.

Next week we are having a Fashion Show put on By Sue Cee who makes her own clothes. Anyone wanting a chance to model should please try to get to the club very soon after 7pm to give a chance to prepare before the show at around 9pm.

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