Wednesday 10th of May 2017

View of main bar in Polari


Our new changing room

Welcome to our new venue. It actually consists of two rooms at right angles to each other with the second room leading off the end of the bar from where the above picture was taken.
The changing room is roomier than the one we had in Villaggio's and as you can see it has plenty of mirrors and wash basins, plus the management has allowed us to fit up two of our old mirrors with lights that can be seen in the picture on the right.
This room will normally be available from around 5 pm till 11pm and may be available later if you ask the management first.

Our old mirrors now included

Melissa, Linda and friends

A partial view of the second room can be seen in the photo on the left and Alison and Pauline are sitting at the corner table in the second room. They can be seen at this table as you enter the main bar.

The general concensus so far is that this venue is better than Villaggio's so if you have not been already please do come along and see what you think.

We are NOT being charged for the use of this space so the door charge to the club has been dropped.

To help maintain ourselves as a club we would still ask people to become members at the rate of £10 per year. This should be enough to keep us going.

Lynn, Alison & Pauline

When you enter VIA from Canal Street, through the door next to the Rembrandt, walk straight ahead, past the main bar on your right and go down the short staircase to the lower bar. Then turn immediately right and go down the next short flight of stairs. At the bottom, the entrance to Polari is on your left. Go through the door and you are in the main Polari bar.




We are still getting used to the venue but our first impressions are that it will work very well for us.

The management are providing a barman to be in attendance all the time we are there so getting served a drink is now no problem and, as you can pop in any time during the evening at no extra cost, we invite you to start to make it one of your "Places to Visit" on your wednesday evenings out.

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